Hello! I thought I’d just pop in and update you on what’s going on here at WEO. There are some new products available in the shop – greetings cards with my crocheted artwork on them. These are the first in a new range. I’m working on the next piece of […]

Hello! I know I’ve been quiet recently, so I just wanted to pop in, say hello and tell you that I am back at work. I took my three children to Disneyland Paris last week and we had a wonderful, if exhausting, time. I’ve had a day off to […]

I’ve made another video tutorial for you. The spiral is an important aspect of freeform crochet and adds another dimension to your pieces. Once you’ve mastered this simple spiral, you’ll be able to do all sorts with it – add different colours, add highlights, create 3D spirals … […]

Have you tried using the “Magic Ring” to begin crocheting in the round and found it difficult? Have you ended up going back to crocheting chains, joining them and crocheting into the circle you just made? Whilst that’s an easy way to start, it does leave an issue with […]

If you’re anything like me, you will have a bag or a box of yarn that you daren’t look in. I have wall-to-ceiling cupboards full of yarns – recycled, vintage, hand spun, huge spools and tiny balls. Bags and bags of one kind of yarn and just the […]

Many of us struggle to find time to relax and the amount of stress in our lives only ever seems to increase? Have you made a New Years Resolution to build some de-stressing into your life? Perhaps you’re planning on heading to the gym or you’ve got your […]

Admit it, there is knowledge and then there is the knowledge of crafters, and more especially those who crochet. Things that mere mortals will never understand, such as:   1. There is no such thing as too many hooks. Most hookers probably have their favourites that they come […]

I’m often up for a challenge when it comes to crochet. I don’t often take part in CALs (Crochet ALong), certainly not as many as I would like to, because I don’t have the time, and when you run a crochet business, a fair amount of your crochet […]