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I’m often up for a challenge when it comes to crochet. I don’t often take part in CALs (Crochet ALong), certainly not as many as I would like to, because I don’t have the time, and when you run a crochet business, a fair amount of your crochet time is spent on crocheting for the business.

But there’s one challenge I couldn’t pass up. I’ve been looking forward to the announcement of this year’s challenge ever since I first joined the International Freeform Fibrearts Guild (IFFA). Each year there is a freeform challenge and the members vote on what the topic will be. You then have to create a piece of work based on that topic. You can use any medium you choose but it must include some freeform crochet or knitting.

This year’s topic is Patterns in Nature, which is something I find really interesting! I’ve spent a few days doing some research on various patterns and I’ve created a project book, which is full of notes and pictures – I’ve been scrapbooking pictures of all sorts of patterns. Now I’ve decided on the focus of my project, and I think I’ve decided on what my finished piece will actually be.  I started out with four options for that and sketched ideas for all of them, as well as scrapbooking examples for each one.

And now, having decided what I’m going to create, there’s nothing to do except actually start work on my scrumbles. Oh apart from deciding on colours and sorting through my enormous yarn stash to look for the yarns I will use. That’s actually quite a lot!

Entrants have until 1 May to submit their work. All entries are published in an online gallery and in a book. If you fancy taking up the challenge, you can find full information by joining the Guild here. You can also join the Facebook group, although a condition of entry into the challenge is being a member of the Yahoo group.

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