Oak Leaf and Acorn Keyring


A crocheted oak leaf and acorn, attached to a key ring.


A crocheted oak leaf and acorn, attached to a key ring. The leaf is approx. 7cm long and the acorn is approx. 4cm long including the stem. The entire key ring is approx. 9cm in length and 4cm wide at the widest point.

The leaf and acorn are crocheted from quality yarn and the acorn is lightly stuffed with 100% polyester toy filling. Keep away from fire. They are securely attached to a stainless steel split ring which is approx. 2cm in diameter. Stainless steel is strong and resistant to corrosion, so should not tarnish.

I live within the boundary of the ancient Sherwood Fores, home to the Major Oak, believed to be 800-1000 years old. I was also married within an oak grove in Sherwood Forest, so the oak is very close to my heart.

Early Druids are believed to have performed their sacred rites within oak groves which covered Northern Europe at one time. The Sanskrit word, ‘Duir’, gave rise both to the word for oak and the English word ‘door’, which suggests that this tree stands as an opening into greater wisdom, perhaps an entryway into the otherworld itself.


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